Who Else Wants A Lab Beagle Mix?

The Labrador–Beagle mixed breed is a hybrid dog, or what is also called a designer dog. It is definitely not a mutt and in most instances is a rather handsome animal. Any dog having this mix usually goes by one of two names if it is to be registered. It is referred to as either Labbe or Labbe Retriever.


Labbe or Labbe Retriever: Yes, Beagador, Not So Much


There are four major organizations that recognize this particular breed. The American Canine Hybrid Club and the International Designer Canine Registry both list the dog as Labbe. The Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the Designer Breed Registry list it as Labbe Retriever, suggesting a bias towards the Lab. There are a few owners who insist on calling their pets Beagadors, but they seem to be in a minority. That name suggests a bias towards the Beagle.


What does this dog look like? Some look like a rather large Beagle, but one that is not the usual black and tan. Others look more like a Labrador, although the muzzle is often slightly narrower and a bit longer. No matter what the appearance is, most of these hybrids carry with them one characteristic of the Beagle. They keep their noses constantly close to the ground. Many dogs that have this mix retain the Beagle’s distinctive bark or howl.


Temperament of the Lab–Beagle Mix


Since both of these breeds are known to have a good temperament, it is not surprising that the hybrid is a pleasant dog to have around as well. Labbes are usually very good with children. Labbes tend to be very patient dogs. They can put up with quite a lot or will retire to another location if things get too out of hand, rather than becoming aggressive. Like both the Labrador and Beagle, the Labbe is a dog that likes to, and needs to, get lots of exercise. Exercise is particularly important as these dogs tend to eat more than they should if they are given half a chance. You may have seen a fat Labrador or a chubby Beagle once or twice. The Labbe can become a bit obese as well, given half a chance.


Insofar as size is concerned, there does not seem to be a standard size for a Labbe. Some grow no larger than a small Beagle, while others can be as big as the average-sized Lab. This is one of the disadvantages in purchasing a puppy of this mixed breed, although it is about the only disadvantage. You can’t be too certain what the dog is going to look like, irrespective of what older siblings may look like.


One thing to bear in mind is that not all Labbes will be 50% Labrador and 50% Beagle. They will be of course if each of their parents is a pure breed. 50-50 dogs will sometimes command a premium, although how much often depends upon the breeds involved and also on the demand. Unless you specifically ask for a 50-50 hybrid, or know that the breeder only sells that particular mix, you could well end up with a multi-generation hybrid. For example, the father could be a purebred Lab and the mother could be a Labbe, or the other way around. Or both parents could be Labbes.


Both breeds have their individual health issues, and these issues are sometimes shared with the hybrids. It never hurts to check with the breeder to see if either of the parents has a history of health problems. In the majority of cases however, the health issues the hybrid could encounter are usually no worse than the health issues either of the parents could face.


Labbes Tend to Make Excellent Hunting Dogs


Hunting can be an experience with a Labbe. Labradors are not hounds, and Beagles are sometimes known more for their stubbornness than their ability to retrieve. With a Labbe, you often will have a hunting dog that cannot only sniff out the quarry but will readily retrieve it. The Labrador is definitely a water dog, and while the Beagle does not have the reputation of being a water dog, most enjoy having a good swim, so you end up with a dog that will likely retrieve something in the water as well.


The best way to find if a particular breed is the best one for you is to find someone who owns one of these dogs. That could be difficult with the Labbe in that there are not many available at any one time. There are other hybrids of both Labs and Beagles that are quite popular, but the two breeds seem in many ways to be made for one another. A dog having Labrador blood in it is usually a rather mellow fellow, while Beagle blood in a dog usually ensures the animal will almost always be happy and playful. The Labrador–Beagle mix is certainly worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a pet that is affectionate, playful, gets along well with children, and is a good hunting dog.